Shall i buy the YSL mini cabas bag or a prada killer's bag?

24/03/2013 15:26

I am very entanglements wow ~ Shall i buy the YSL mini cabas bag?... or prada killers' bag?
It's very hard to choose for me, ah ~ recently working so hard
So want to buy a luxury handbag to reward myself after my busy times?
But i don't know the jar have bought YSL mini cabas no JMS
See that it is made of sheepskin leather,worry about the durability,does it the same as the  balenciaga's bag?
For Killers' prada bag I have no feeling any more ,even though it is classic
And of which leather is cross grain calf leather,it is good durability too.
Ha ~ please ,you give some advice to me
Thank you very much