Designer PRADA bags, as a kind of practical items, with very long history

09/04/2013 21:42


Since ancient times, The hunting people get under the skin of animals and sewn into the bag with Spicule muscle line to pack goods. With the progress of science and civilization to the development of the human world, the PRADA leather got more fully utilized, leather industry got the unprecedented development.
Among them, the design renderings and the engineering design diagram of suitcase art design categories, bags of fine arts design in the sketch, literary sketch,
color, fine arts foundation as the basic quality requirements, such as design drawing to shine and texture of the full performance of leather material, can use 
artistic exaggeration and deformation. And all directions projection drawing is the basis of structure mapping, Cheap Designer PRADA bag design requirements must
be accurate and comprehensive performance of each side, on the basis of engineering graphics, in drawing lines of various pen should choose different thickness, 
on the basis of projection mapping, find out the parts on the size relations between, so as to draw the structure drawings, these are belong to the category of 
engineering drawing. How will the designer's creative ideas into practical in real life of art, a key ring structure drawing is of vital importance, is to focus 
on the contents of the book.
Design and selection of prada materials are the basis for the bag design, natural leather, artificial leather and synthetic leather is the main plus material of
bags and suitcases, what are their performance? What is style? Only better understand the application of leather material, the design is in line with the fabrics
material characteristics and to cater to the market demand for fashion products, and how will the spare parts into the process of product design, is also very 
important, don't understand the process of making technology designers, tend to have different degrees of defects in the design work.
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